50,000 letters backed up following Sri Lankan railway strike

COLOMBO, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- The trade unions of Sri Lanka's Postal Department said on Friday that over 500,000 letters had been accumulated due to a railway workers' strike ahead of the World Postal Day.

Over 200 employees of the department traveled to the northern town of Jaffna for the World Postal Day celebrations on Thursday and senior officials had also focused on the train strike, local media reported.

Thousands of Sri Lankan train commuters were stranded Thursday and Friday as workers of the Professional Railway Trade Union Alliance (PRTUA) launched an island-wide strike for pay raise from midnight Wednesday.

All the night mail trains have been canceled, paralyzing the mail service around the country as letters piled up at the Central Mail Exchange.

Trade unions urged the department officials to take action to deliver these backlogs using alternate transport methods.

The situation will worsen if the strike continues. So far all attempts to resolve salary hike of the workers have failed at talks.