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Tracking system keeps your food safe

A TOTAL of 31 farming enterprises and 64 wet markets are taking part in Jiading’s food tracking system.

Through tags on food packages, consumers can get information that includes who made it, who distributed it and how it was stored.

For example, when a local housewife buys fish at her local market, she can scan the QR code on the package with her phone and learn that it is from the Zhoushan archipelago in neighboring Zhejiang Province and the day on which it was caught.

The district’s food tracking system is part of a citywide effort which includes 20 sorts of food in nine categories. People can download apps or log on a website to trace data from throughout the supply chain.

The nine categories are grain, livestock, poultry, vegetables, fruit, seafood, bean products, dairy items and edible oil.

Of the local farming companies from Jiading, two plant melons, three produce strawberries and the rest grow grapes.

“All the fruits are locally produced and mainly from Malu, Huating, Nanxiang and Jiading Industrial Zone,” said Guan Liqin, of the district’s agricultural commission.

“They are sold at the farms, through the wholesale market or e-commerce platforms,” Guan added. The QR codes on packaging enable buyers to learn details of the farms and their produce including the fertilizer used and the last time pesticide was sprayed, Guan said.

Pork, beef, lamb, chicken and vegetables sold at wet markets in Jiading are also traceable. “All electronic scales at markets are connected to a network while each certificate and details from slaughterhouse to market will be uploaded and checked by authorities,” said Luo Jun, a market official.

Another 50 meal kit suppliers, central kitchens, 100 large restaurants and more than 300 medium-sized restaurants will be covered by the tracking system soon.

Zhang Jie, an official in charge of food safety at the district market supervision bureau, said: “The establishment of the tracking system is not only to restore consumers’ confidence about food security but also help enhance the effectiveness of supervision.”

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