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A SOCIETY for women entrepre­neurs has been created in the Hongqiao Business Zone. The group will meet every two months in sessions to discuss women’s roles in business management and social issues such as balancing home and family life.

Traffic tribute

Minhang Police held a memorial ceremony for Mao Shengquan, the traffic officer killed on duty by a de­linquent driver in 2015. A monument has been erected at the crossroad where Mao lost his life.

Legal beagle

Zhang Pengfeng, a lawyer with the Xia Xubo Law Firm in Minhang, won the “Conspicuous Merit Award” conferred by the Shanghai Lawyers Association. As a legal consultant to the Shanghai city government, Zhang is involved in work related to drafting new laws.

Rabies prevention

Guangming Village in Zhuanqiao Town conducted a pet dog registra­tion this month, with the help of a local veterinarian clinic and the dog management office. The registration ensured that dogs are vaccinated against rabies.

Green brigade

Nearly100 volunteers in Zhuan-qiao Town cleaned up greenery areas in the town this month. Keep­ing the environment free of garbage is a continuing labor. Volunteers called on local residents to be more mindful of litter.

Opera at home

TheShanghai Opera Theater signed an agreement with NEY Home, one of the largest and most luxurious senior citizen residences in the city. Under the pact, the theater will pres­ent performances at the home once a month. Mao Shanyu, director of the theater and one of the most popular local opera actresses, gave the first performance.

New ideas

TheZizhu National High-Tech Indus­trial Development Zone sponsored an ideas contest where entrepreneurs were encouraged to present innovations in the fields of advanced industrial materials, intellectual technology, the Internet and mobile devices. Winners will receive sponsorship from 11 insti­tutes in the district.

Caring neighbors

TheFudi Neighborhood Committee of Zhuanqiao Town has come to the res­cue of an 80-year-old man diagnosed with stomach cancer earlier this year. None of his children was in Shanghai, so the committee arranged for him to go to hospital for surgery and cared for him when he returned home.

Consumers’ rights

Onlinecomplaints about retail web­sites has become a major concern, according to the Minhang District Commission of Consumer Rights and Interests Protection. Last year the commission received more than 2,500 online shopping-related complaints, a one-third increase from the year before. Most of the complaints were about fake products and poor after-sale services.

Study habits

TheNanfang Neighborhood Commit­tee organized a series of lectures for parents. Li Yanqiu, a licensed therapist, explained why children often procras­tinate about studying and offered tips to overcome the problem. 

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