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KIDS’ day

The Zizhu campus of East China Normal University honored Children’s Day on May 31 with a performance of drum corps from 11 primary schools. The event was attended by district dignitaries and 3,000 children.

Demolition done

The remaining structures of the iconic red building at the Xinzhuang Metro station were demolished on May 27, following two months of work. It’s part of a radical overhaul of what is a major transport hub. Construction work will now focus on beautification efforts at the old building site.

Driver awareness

Minhang traffic police have launched a public awareness cam­paign about stricter new traffic laws. Officers have reported more than 360 violations of the new rules at the crossroad of Humin and Lianhua roads, and have been at the site warning drivers to pay closer atten­tion to the laws.

East meets West

The Dragon Boat Festival carnival held on Longming Road merged elements of Western culture with Chinese traditions. Professional jazz bands played during the festivities. The carnival has been held for 10 years and has become a tradition for many residents in the Gumei community.

Winning tune

“Chinese Dream,” a pop song with overtones of Peking Opera, composed by a worker in Minhang, was chosen to compete in a city cultural contest. The song employs four distinct styles of vocal performance.

Emergency response

Property management and security staff participated in a competition on May 20 to test their skills in handling terrorism and fire emergencies. They were instructed by local firefighters. Twelve participants took top prizes.

Clean bill

Fourteenfood stalls in the Xin’an market passed inspection recently and are now operating within the law. In the past, stall owners without certification had to dodge authorities. Under certification, consumers are assured that food has passed quality standards.

Police salute

The Beijing Criminal Science and Technology Institute held ceremonies to honor heroes and role models in the police system. An inspector from the Tianyuan Village police station in Min­hang won recognition as a “National Excellent Policeman.”

New Party head

ZhuZhisong has been named Party secretary of Minhang, replacing Zhao Qi, who was promoted to a deputy secretary-general in the Shanghai mu­nicipal government. The appointment came at a Party meeting on May 23. Zhu said he was deeply honored and would work hard for the good of the district.

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