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Applications are being accepted for the Minhang Leading Talent competition. Candidates must be 50 years or younger. The competition is divided into nine job categories, including education, medicine and management.

Soliciting donors

The 14th World Blood Donor Day in June was marked by short films made by donors from different professions. The videos are aimed at encouraging others to donate blood.  A bloodmobile nicknamed Helping Bee was also on hand.

 Silk Road treasure

Fan Jingshi, an honorary president of the Dunhuang Academy, gave a speech recently on the ancient Silk Road and the famed grottoes of Dunhuang located on that route.  She said weathering is slowly damaging the statues and wall paintings in the ancient Mogao Caves, which span 1,000 years of Buddhist art in northwestern China.

Stroke focus

The Stroke 120 Research Studio opened earlier this month in Minhang Hospital attached to Fudan University. A video about strokes is available in the Shanghai dialect. The studio plans to establish a training center to help teach community doctors about strokes and their aftermath.

Clean water

The campaign to clean up waterways and the air in Minhang continues. The Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate formed a special squad for the task of monitoring environmental quality. Fifteen projects are on its current agenda, including checking wastewater from 238 companies in the district.

New mall

The first one-stop shopping mall opened earlier this month in Baolong Square in Wujing Town. About two-fifth of its more than 100 tenants are restaurants. The second floor is devoted to clothing and a play area for children. A cinema is located on the fourth floor. Underground parking can accommodate 400 cars.

Airport parking

AliPay will automatically pay parking fees when drivers exit Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2. This easier payment system started in June. After logging their license plate numbers, drivers need only authorize AliPay to debit the fees from their bankcards. Once done, the system will automatically remember the information for successive uses.

Young singers

Shanghai City Theater held the first singing performance by toddlers from the Minhang District. More than 2,000 youngsters from 69 kindergartens took part. The cultural promotion included more than 40 original songs composed during a three-month competition.

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