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DISTANCE diagnosis

The Shanghai No. 5 People’s Hospital in Minhang District carried out a long-distance medical consultation on an online platform for a patient at the Lanping County People’s Hospital in Yunnan Province. Xu Yingjia, director of the department of cardiology, gave a diagnosis and treatment plan based on the patient’s medical history and test results. It was the first time the platform was put into operation, and the consulta­tion was hailed as a success.

Green days

Minhang has earmarked the 10th and 25th of every month through October this year as public greenery cleanup days. People are encouraged to clear greenbelts and parks of waste, including litter, fallen leaves and broken branches.

New schools

THE Shanghai Normal University will open two elementary and high schools in the Pujin Community of Pujiang Town. Teachers at high schools affiliated to the univer­sity will be transferred to the new schools. The community has a population of 115,000 and is always in need of more education resources.

Police crackdown

The Minhang District police have formed a special team to conduct raids on entertainment venues where drug abuse, prostitution and other crimes are suspected. The 40-mem­ber team operates in plain clothes. Recently, the directors of nine police stations were warned about the ris­ing number of complaints and police call-outs related to entertaining venues under their jurisdictions.

Hot pursuit

The Minhang District Fire Bri­gade has conducted a series of inspections of local sauna houses for breaches of fire-safety rules. Fifteen of the houses were shut down, and several others were ordered to improve their facilities if they want to continue operation. Officials said they found flammable material on floors and walls, and unsafe heaters in some of the sauna parlors.

Volunteer efforts

In honor of Volunteer Month in March, district residents stepped up services to needy families and the elderly. They provided free hair and facial groom­ing, and household appliance repair, among other services. Volunteer Month is held in honor of the soldier Lei Feng (1940-62), who has become a national symbol of self-sacrifice for the good of others.

Emergency vehicles

Ten new ambulances will be put into operation this year in Minhang. The ambulances will be equipped with the latest cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment and blood biochemical testing instruments. Data from pa­tients, including vital signs, will be transmitted to doctors in real-time. The ambulances are expected to be in service for 12 years.

Arbor Day

Employees at the Xinzhuang Indus­trial Zone planted a small copse of trees to mark Arbor Day this month. Companies in the zone have signed up to maintain the trees. The planting was one of several similar events held to mark the day in the district.

Traffic ease

A lane will be added to a section of Shuiqing Road between Li’an and Humin roads. The improvement will include the crossroads with Xiuwen, Shuying, Baochun and Yazhi roads. The project will be completed by mid-June, said local urban planning authorities.

More beds

Eight new luxury hotels will open in the Hongqiao Business Zone, including two — the Sofitel Shanghai Hongqiao and the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Hotel — that have already gone into op­eration. The hotels will meet the high demand created as more companies move into the zone.

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