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Foreigners get taste of community

Foreign tourists learn to make paper artwork from local masters in Caoyang community.

Foreign tourists learn to make paper artwork from local masters in Caoyang community.

PUTUO District has opened Shanghai’s first community-level reception center for foreign group tourists in Caoyang community so they can experience local taste and culture.

The center has a reception room and traditional art exhibition room that will introduce international tourists to local daily life.

During the event, known as “One Day as Caoyang People,” foreigners will learn to make dumplings, visit a wet market and see traditional song and dance performances.

A guide will introduce visitors to the Caoyang residential community. Residents will then give a traditional song and dance performance followed by a qipao fashion show. After that they will get to check out the wet market.

For lunch, the visitors will join local families for an authentic Shanghainese meal and learn to make dumplings stuffed with pieces of chopped pork and vegetables.

Host families will get all the ingredients and then teach their international visitors.

Caoyang has a long history of entertaining international guests. In 1952, it was the first “new community” in Shanghai that opened up to the outside world.

In the past 60 years, it has received more than 300,000 people from over 150 countries. Visitors include government officials, public figures and ordinary people who want to get to know the Chinese people.

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