Common health problems that can worsen in spring

HIGH blood pressure

As a disease related with “ascendant hyperactivity of liver-yang” in TCM, patients with high blood pressure may easily suffer headaches and dizziness in spring. Doctors advise monitoring blood pressure regularly, and adjust medication accordingly. Keep a diet that restricts salt, cholesterol and fat intake. Quit smoking and avoid too much alcohol.


Digestive ulcers

Ulcers in the stomach and duodenum often occur in spring as the climate changes. Doctors advise taking good care of the digestive system in spring. See a doctor if you experience distension or pain in the upper abdomen, frequent belching, acid reflux or poor appetite.


Mental health problems

According to TCM concept, the liver also dominates emotional health. Depression and other psychological problems may also occur in spring when the liver is vulnerable. If you are already taking medicines for such problems, do not stop taking them without first consulting a doctor.


Chronic liver disease

Problems like chronic viral hepatitis and primary liver cancer can become aggravated in spring, yet this is also the best season to treat liver disease. Medical treatment can be strengthened by the natural rise of yang energy that occurs with spring, according to Wang.

For people with such conditions, doctors say spicy, fried and greasy foods are not recommended, while eating green vegetables and fruits is advised. Soup with reed rhizome, pears, or water chestnuts is a recommended spring drink.

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