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Shanghai Power’s bid to boost fridge sales

IN a few mere weeks, the hot dense heat of the usual Shanghai summer will be reminding those who haven’t prepared for its various unpleasant contingencies that they’ve been thoughtless of health and comfort, says Mrs Taylor of the Shanghai Power Company.

May is the month for investigating refrigerators: almost every well-known and reliable manufacturer of electric refrigerator is represented on the local market. The S.P.C. (Shanghai Power Company) has in their showroom at 181 Nanking Road various models and sizes from the representatives.

Men and women from the Home Service Department of the company can give detailed information on every kind of electric refrigerator and show the diversified advantages of each.

The S.P.C. feels there is no need to remind the thoughtful Shanghai parent that during this summer more than any other, the ultimate in food protection should be given. After careful selection at the markets: fruits, vegetables and meats, washed and placed in the pure cold temperature of the electric refrigerator are almost bound to be protected against the savages of humid germ filled air.

Spoiled foods cannot always be detected until after heat and dangerous bacteria has worked visable damage, but spoiled food is almost any food that has been left in a temperature above 50 Fahrenheit. The electric refrigerator guarantees a correct temperature plus pure air and pure ice because electric energy is in itself pure.

Mrs Taylor of the Shanghai Power Company’s Home Service Department hopes that all consumers and potential owners of electric refrigerators will visit the Nanking Road showrooms and see the attractive models on display.


— Excerpt from The China Press (May 11, 1938)

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