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Danish artist to unveil ingenious 3D exhibit

“SHREDDED! — Anything but Ordinary,” a creative paper art exhibition, is underway at the downtown Wheelock Square.

For the next four weeks, Danish artist HuskMitNavn will host an on-site workshop to present his artworks on folded white paper. It is his first exhibition in China.

The talented artist is good at turning his playful 2D black-and-white drawings to 3D works using paper folding tricks and techniques. His paper artworks feature cartoon drawings and different methods including shredding, folding, rubbing and curling.

He draws on both sides of the paper sheet, which makes it look three-dimensional. He also uses tiny things in daily life to interact with his artworks, which speak of funny daily moments and lively stories.

The current exhibition features around 200 artworks from his official Instagram.

Visitors to the Wheelock Square are welcome to join his creativity workshops to learn how to use common office utilities such as the A4 paper to create one’s own artwork.

Date: Through August 4, 10am-6pm

Admission: Free

Tel: 2219-1717

Venue: Lobby of Wheelock Square

Address: 1717 Nanjing Rd W.

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