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East, West fuse in striking solo exhibition

“Nuwa Creates Mankind” by Lin Cong

“Nuwa Creates Mankind” by Lin Cong

CHINESE-AMERICAN artist Lin Cong is back in Shanghai for a solo exhibition in the Pudong New Area.

The exhibition features some 35 oil paintings fusing Oriental and Western elements. The subjects vary from Chinese myth to Tibetan impression to churches and animals.

Born in 1947 in Shanghai, Lin graduated from the Stage Design Department of the Shanghai Theater Academy. Early in 1985, his stage design for the popular drama “Flesh and Devil” won him fame.

Three years later, Lin furthered his studies in the United States and became the first Chinese artist contracted to Fidelity Collection, one of the top galleries in Beverly Hills.

Strongly influenced by the depth of Chinese culture, Lin’s early works depicting historical backgrounds used deep colors.

But after arriving in the US, he gradually changed his style to striking hues and started combining Oriental and Western flavors.


“Fragrance Town: Lin Cong Solo Exhibition”

Date: Through October 31, 10am-4pm

Venue: Tang Lu Cultural Creative Center

Address: 2685 Tanglu Highway,
Pudong New Area

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