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Fairmont Chengdu offers an exclusive cultural experience

IN April, Fairmont Chengdu hosted a team event for YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) Asia Pacific members, in which a number of activities inspired by local customs, cultural landscapes and delicious food were prepared to immerse YPO members in the authentic culture of the Shu Kingdom (in today’s Sichuan Province). It was a memorable trip to Chengdu for each of the members, true to Fairmont’s principle of “Staying connected with the essence of destination” and YPO’s mission of “Better leaders through lifelong learning and idea exchange.”

Chengdu is a city worth visiting with a cuisine that is worth tasting. It is an ancient capital city with over 4,500 years of civilization and history, and was an important hub connecting the South and North Silk roads. From a variety of appetizing Sichuan foods to the world-renowned historic sites and museums, there will always be lavish options and unlimited possibilities to explore.

YPO is a non-profit global network of young chief executives, committed for decades to providing extraordinary educational resources and opportunities to align with leading institutions for the young executives from 130 countries and regions. It was exactly the charm of the land of abundance, Sichuan, that attracted the YPO members to hold their team activities in Chengdu.

As another landmark established by Fairmont in China (after Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai, Fairmont Beijing, Fairmont Yangcheng Lake Kunshan and Fairmont Nanjing), Fairmont Chengdu aims to keep the brand’s philosophy of “staying connected with the essence of destination,” and presents to its guests the essence of Chengdu's vibrance, history and culture through local delicacies, bustling bars, distinctive designs and decoration. Fairmont Chengdu is the ideal choice for people who wish to explore the city and enjoy magnificent views of south Chengdu, as it effectively combines the traditions of the Sichuan culture and modern elements in every detail. This was the primary reason why YPO chose Fairmont Chengdu as the venue for the team event of their Asia Pacific chapter.

To immerse the YPO members further into the culture of Sichuan, Fairmont Chengdu worked closely with the organizers to meticulously plan special activities and features. The first one was a private visit to the Jinsha Ruins, which dates back to the Shang (c.16th century-11th century BC) and Zhou (c.11th century-221 BC) dynasties. The group was given an opportunity to learn more about the local culture and experience its richness. In addition, the banquet and kitchen team made special arrangements to present a special dinner featuring local specialities at the museum, including the renowned traditional dish, Stewed Thin Beef Slices, Australian lobster and other fine ingredients that were combined in a fusion of classic Sichuan cuisine and modern Western flavors. Moreover, such elements as Jinsha mask were used to decorate desserts with great originality.

During the YPO conference, Fairmont Chengdu presented the “Chengdu Must-See,” a custom-made panda-themed dessert series for the conference. Also, during the event, panda envoys joined everyone on their tea breaks. Committed to “staying connected with the essence of destination,” Fairmont Chengdu team served a variety of local snacks on the terrace area of the hotel's Chinese restaurant. YPO members had the opportunity to witness the production process of authentic Chengdu snacks, from preparation of ingredients to cooking and appreciation, further enriching their memorable travel experience.

In addition to the YPO team conference, Fairmont Chengdu can also host large events such as international conferences, grand product launches and corporate annual dinner parties. Fairmont Chengdu, with 11 dedicated meeting and activity areas, along with a team dedicated to create custom events and meetings, is certainly an ideal venue for guests to hold events such as these. Function rooms range from 17 to 730 square meters, including a VIP board meeting room that can accommodate 24 attendees, equipped with theater-level lighting devices, surround sound, HD video player, VIP reception counter, video conference devices etc. In this respect, it can be considered a model meeting venue in Chengdu.

The column-free Fairmont Ballroom features an 8-meter-high ceiling. The venue is well lit and can be divided into two sections measuring 430sqm and 300sqm. The three artistic images of cloud, mountain and water are beautifully presented in the cloud lighting, the giant wall murals of Shu Mountain, and the wave-patterned carpet. The venue provides a new option for new car launches, private parties and themed tea breaks, affording you the perfect event experience.

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