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Government adds more functions to WeChat account

RESIDENTS can now use WeChat to make appointments for community affairs services, such as applying for residence permits and social security cards.

New functions were added yesterday to the government’s WeChat account “shanghaifabu.”

By clicking on “civic center” at the bottom of the account, users will see “community affairs service” among the 18 civic services functions.

All 219 community affairs service centers are available and users can make appointments online via their ID card numbers.

Shanghaifabu has been a convenient platform for residents in the city and has attracted 600 million visits since it was registered in 2014 at WeChat, according to the account operators.

The other 17 functions include checking waiting times at bus stops, records of traffic law violations, real-time traffic conditions, real-time visitor volumes at scenic spots, and weather forecasts, as well as marriage registration.

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