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Shanghai Tower honors 4,000 ‘builders’

MORE than 4,000 building workers, designers and engineers who played a part in the design and construction of Shanghai Tower had their moment in the sun yesterday with the unveiling of a Wall of Honor.

The 60-meter-long structure was erected in gratitude to all the people who played their part in the development of the world’s second-highest building, said Ge Qing, deputy general manager of its operating company Shanghai Tower Construction and Development.

Also yesterday, members of the public were allowed inside the basement of the 632-meter tower — which is second in height only to the 829.8-meter Burj Khalifa in Dubai — to see an exhibition about the skyscraper and similar structures from around the world.

Keen to promote the development’s hospitality facilities, the operator also threw open the doors to a five-story annex to the main tower, which houses a selection of rooms suitable for a variety of occasions — from weddings to funerals, fashion shows to bar mitzvahs.

The main tower, complete with sightseeing platforms on the 118th and 119th floors, is scheduled to open for business “in a few months,” Ge said.

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