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Suspects held for ad sharing online fraud

TWENTY-NINE suspects have been arrested for allegedly profiting over 500,000 yuan (US$73,000) by hacking into an ad sharing app, police said.

They added the suspects used software to change the credit points in their accounts resulting from ad-sharing tasks so as to get more cash from the company that runs the app.

The thefts took place in an overnight five-hour period last November, and the company, based in Changning District, informed the police the next day when it discovered the trading anomalies and a huge loss of revenue.

The suspects were arrested from across the country.

Police said they were members of QQ groups that shared website loopholes and hacking methods.

Police said some of the suspects managed to steal tens of thousands of yuan by hacking the app.

Meanwhile in Huangpu District, police said they had arrested four people for allegedly defrauding a shopping website of more than 500,000 yuan by taking unfair advantage of its refund policy.

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