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Zoo owner charged with transporting African lion to Shanghai without authorization

A ZOO owner has been charged with transporting a wild animal, an African lion, to Shanghai without authorization, prosecutors in Songjiang District said yesterday.

Earlier this year, the zoo in Wenling, a city in neighboring Zhejiang Province, was contacted by a real estate developer about using a lion in a sales promotion.

The developer, which wasn’t named, and the zoo owner, surnamed Deng, signed a contract in March.

Deng took the lion to Shanghai on March 28 but failed to get the necessary approval from provincial and city authorities, prosecutors said.

The lion was put on display in a cage outside the real estate developer’s sales office the following day.

Alerted by the public, city officials found that the developer couldn’t provide official documents related to the animal and informed the police.

African lions are a Grade 2 protected species in China.

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