Beijing zoo, where tigers attacked 2 people, has been closed

A BEIJING wildlife zoo, where a tiger mauled a visitor to death and left another seriously injured, has been closed.

The incident happened on Saturday in the tiger enclosure at the Badaling Safari World, where visitors can drive in their vehicles, but they are warned not to get out of the vehicles.

But two of them did not heed the warning, the publicity department of Yanqing District said.

Sources told the Legal Evening News that the car was carrying a family of four — a middle-aged woman, a young woman, a man and a child.

Reportedly, the young woman had a quarrel with the man, and got out of the car at which point a Siberian tiger pounced on her and dragged her away. The older woman got out of the car and tried to drag her back, but was attacked by another tiger, the paper reported.

The family was rescued when zoo workers rushed to chase off the tigers. The older woman died on the spot, and the younger one was sent to the hospital but is in serious condition.

This wasn’t the first such case at the zoo. In August 2014, a male worker was killed by a tiger.

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