Man charged of illegal possession of firearms in road rage probe

BEIJING prosecutors accused one of the city's "four princelings," Wang Shuo, of illegal possession of firearms and bumping into the car of another "princeling" Wang Ke on purpose, causing it to burn.

Wang Shuo allegedly pointed the gun at Wang Ke, who is not related with him, in a road rage in downtown Wangfujing Street last December, the Beijing Morning Post reported today.

When Wang Ke reported to the police and was driving after him, Wang Shuo suddenly braked, causing Wang Ke's car to collide and burn. He then drove away from the scene. The next day he surrendered himself to police.

Wang Shuo, 29, has no college degree but runs two companies, one named Beijing Palace Century Development Co. He was involved in several scandalous affairs, including a fling with Zhou Xun, a famous Chinese actress.

He confessed that he asked his assistant to buy guns and ammunition for him. Police have seized four guns and more than 2,000 bullets in the garage of Wangfu Century Building, just 100 meters away from the crash site.

Wang and his employee surnamed Zhao hid the license plate of Wang Shuo's car and destroyed the surveillance video to escape punishment. They were accused of destroying criminal evidences.

The "four princelings of Beijing" refer to wealthy young men who make frequent headlines with female stars.

Prosecutors said it was not the first time that Wang Shuo was involved in road rage incidents. On July 15, 2010, he led three security guards to smash a BMW.
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