Missing children found thanks to app

THE Ministry of Public Security announced yesterday that 1,274 missing children had been found over the past year following the launch of an app in May 2016.

During the period, 1,317 updates on missing children were posted on the app, and children found include 40 abductees, 750 runaways, 192 who had been lost, 75 who died by drowning, and 29 who were murdered, according to the MPS.

The app ensures efficient sharing of information and support between police in different regions, and encourages witnesses to report the whereabouts of missing children.

Users near the site where a child has disappeared receive push notifications, photos and descriptions. The scope of notifications will expand over time.

An updated version of the platform that went live yesterday has expanded its reach thanks to seven other media platforms, such as an emergency broadcasting center under China National Radio, and a news app from Tencent and taxi-hailing app Yidao Yongche.

So far, the MPS app has cooperated with 40 new media and mobile applications, including Taobao, Baidu and QQ.

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