Plea goes out to buy honey after earthquake

Officials in southwest China’s Sichuan Province have been encouraged to buy the tens of thousands of kilograms of honey left unsold in Jiuzhaigou County after an earthquake hit the region on August 8.

Beekeepers in the quake area were hit by poor sales when the scenic area stopped accepting tourists, and some roads connecting the area with the outside world were damaged, according to the Work Committee for Organizations under the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee.

“According to statistics, more than 65,000 kilograms of honey across the 17 townships in the county failed to be sold,” said Wang Chengxian, the work committee’s deputy director.

Jiuzhaigou is famous for its honey, and the product has become a major source of income for local residents.

After hearing about the beekeepers’ plight, the work committee, along with Sichuan’s poverty alleviation and relocation bureau, encouraged officials and government staff to buy honey from the quake area.

“When my colleagues and I received a notice, we started purchasing honey. It is what we should do,” said Zhang Yang of the Sichuan provincial forestry department.

But government efforts alone are not enough to help residents in the quake area overcome their difficulties and Zhang said they hoped the public would join them.

The earthquake which rocked Jiuzhaigou left 24 people dead and hundreds of others injured.

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