School at media storm by posting students’ dating pictures

A VOCATIONAL school in east China’s Shandong Province published pictures of student couples kissing or cuddling, a warning to students not to display such “uncivilized behavior” at campus, causing wide controversy.

Two poster boards titled “exposing uncivilized behaviors” with 33 pictures were displayed at the campus of Shandong Foreign Languages Vocational College in Rizhao City, local news portal reported today.

Among these pictures, seven were student couples kissing, holding hands or hugging with their faces photoshopped to cover their identities.

The poster boards read that they violated school policies by kissing and cuddling in public. Those who didn’t follow rules will be given warnings.

Some netizens argued that students are entitled to dating and the school violated their privacy by exposing their pictures.

A school official surnamed Ma told the news portal that the school respects students and isn’t against students dating, but it firmly resists students showing too intimate behaviors in the public. “They are college students in a public place. They should pay attention to their behaviors and words,” Ma told the website.

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