Trio detained for lying about staying overnight in Palace Museum

THREE people were given administrative detention and fined for obstructing public order after they claimed to have dodged security guards and stayed overnight in the Palace Museum to do a live broadcast, Beijing police said yesterday.

Police found the trio, surnamed Li, Zhou and Yang, in order to promote a smartphone APP, they claimed they escaped security guards and did a live broadcast in the Palace Museum on the evening on May 1 while they were actually in a scenic area in suburban Shunyi District.

The trio later apologized for their behavior on May 5 and live broadcast their so-called apology, another stunt to attract media attention.

Police received the report on May 4 from the museum that accused the woman of lying about staying overnight. Since the false information has been widely reported by many websites, its security reputation was damaged.

Yang and Li were given 10-day detention and fined 500, and 200 yuan respectively. Zhou was given a 5-day detention but suspended due to his illness, police said.

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