Xi urges restraint on nuclear issue

CHINESE President Xi Jinping urged restraint regarding the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula in a phone conversation with his US counterpart Donald Trump on Saturday.

Concerned parties should avoid remarks and actions that could escalate tensions, Xi said, adding that China is ready to work with the United States to resolve the issue.

Xi said China and the US had common interests in achieving denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and maintaining peace and stability there.

Concerned parities should strive to resolve the issue through dialogue and negotiation to reach a political solution, Xi said, adding that China is willing to keep close contacts with the US to seek a sound settlement of the issue.

Maintaining close contacts between the two leaders on issues of common concern is “very important for the development of the China-US relations,” Xi added.

Beijing placed high value on Trump’s state visit to China later this year, Xi said, urging both sides to make good preparations for the visit.

Trump also stressed the importance of maintaining close contacts on major issues and strengthening exchanges.

The development of US-China relations enjoys good momentum, he noted, voicing his belief that bilateral ties could be better.

He said he is looking forward to his state visit.

Trump said the US fully understands China’s efforts in resolving the nuclear issue, and is willing to continue to keep close contacts with Beijing on issues of common concern.

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