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Business Books TOP FIVE US (Jun 17, 2011)

1.THE Other Side of Innovation

Because ideas need execution, innovators need this book.

Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble | Copyright 2010 Vijay Govindarajan and Chris TrimbleSummarized by permission of Harvard Business Press 2010 | 240 pg. | ISBN: 9781422166963

2.Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs do what they love and love what they do - changing the world for the better.

David Bornstein and Susan Davis | Oxford UP 2010 | 176 pg. | ISBN: 9780195396331

3.The Third Screen

Mobile marketing is the new worldwide wave. Ride it to reach billions around the world.

Chuck Martin | NB Publishing 2011 | 256 pg. | ISBN: 9781857885644

4.Cognitive Surplus

Nearly two billion people spend more than a trillion hours a year online. That's a "cognitive surplus." Now, what will they do with it?

Clay Shirky | Penguin Press 2010 | 256 pg. | ISBN: 9781594202537

5.Managers, Can You Hear Me Now?

Become a great manager by hearing your employees now.

Denny Strigl and Frank Swiatek | McGraw-Hill 2011 | 224 pg. | ISBN: 9780071759137

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