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3 young drivers to race in the X30 World Final

THE fifth and final leg of the 2017 “Future Star” Grand Prix Kart Scholarship Series (GPKS) was held at Shanghai International Circuit on September 10, featuring 17 young racers aging between seven and 15.

Marcos Flack won the 12-lap Cadet Final 1 and Ke Shuncheng won the 15-lap Cadet Final 2. Huang Xizheng topped the 15-lap Junior Final 1, while the 20-lap Junior Final 2 was won by Shanghai-based Lu Wenhu.

The results also mean that Lu Wenhu and Li Fukun became the top two racers in the year-end junior group standing, while 11-year-old Ke Shuncheng topped the cadet group. The three of them will join Team CRG and compete in the 2017 X30 World Final in the French city of Le Mans.

Backed by Federation of Automobile and Motorcycling Sports of China and J&P Event Management, the series features young kart drivers in China, proving them a fair and European standard platform.

The series will continue in 2018 and expend to more cities in the future.

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