Yuz Museum premieres Zhou’s innovative artwork

YUZ Foundation is exhibiting its collection of artist Zhou Tiehai’s series “Will/We Must,” in Yuz Museum until the end of August.

The series of works “Will/Must” consists of a video and 14 paintings, which is airing together as a whole for the first time. It is also showing important clips of China’s contemporary art development.

Filmed during 1996-1997, the 35mm black-and-white silent video contains 9 acts and lasts 9 minutes and 17 seconds. It reflects the artist’s true feelings and thoughts on Chinese contemporary art as an insider and observer.

As Zhou’s only video work, “Will/We Must” was extremely experimental at that time.

It dramatically reveals the strange and bizarre phenomenon in the art circle. Although it has been 20 years since he created the art piece, the plot and dialogue in the video still has its vitality.

Several years after the video was completed, Zhou created a series of paintings on different materials such as old newspapers and non-woven fabrics, transferring the scenes of the video into paintings.

This is also the first public presentations of those paintings.

Zhou is considered one of the most important Chinese contemporary artists. He is also the director of the West Bund Art Fair. His artworks have been on display in a number of international exhibitions and art institutions, such as the 48th Venice Biennial.

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