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Essay about Dad Spending Too Long on Phone Goes Viral

An essay by a 10-year-old pupil from Danzhou, Hainan Province, is being widely shared on social media. In the essay, the boy complains his father is obsessed with playing with his mobile phone and has no time to spend with him.

The boy wrote the essay entitled "Father, I want to tell you ... " in a recent Chinese exam.

"I feel so envious whenever I see other fathers taking their children out to play. But you only focus on your mobile phone ... You are almost not my father, but your phone's father!" he wrote.

The boy asks his father to put down his phone.

According to Hainan Special Zone News, the father admitted his addiction to his phone and said he was willing to break this bad habit and to spend more time with his son.

This essay also resonated with a classmate of the boy, whose mother spends too much time staring at her phone as well. The classmate told the News reporter that his parents had bought him so many toys and even a computer.

But for him, playing games or watching TV is just a pastime. And nothing can replace the companionship and attention of his parents.

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