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Toddler captures hearts of a nation after caring act

A charming two-year-old girl has captured the hearts of a nation after delivering water to thirsty builders working in scorching 40 degree Celsius temperatures.

The toddler, named Rara, in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, was out walking with her mother in Tuesday’s heat and became thirsty. Her mom decided to pop into a convenience store to buy some refreshments when she noticed some workers repairing a nearby road.

She turned to her little girl and said:”Look at them. They are working so hard. Shall we give them some water as well?" Rara nodded in agreement with her mother.

The proud mom stood to one side and watched as the gracious little girl pushed a handcart, with eight bottles of water, towards the sanitation and repair workers and offered them refreshments.

The whole process was captured by the mother's friend, who shared the pictures online later that day. The post won more than 60,000 likes within a day of it being posted on social media. Chinese netizens rushed to comment and praise the girl's exemplary behavior, as well as hailing the mother for providing her daughter with an excellent education.

The mom, who is a Singaporean, said she hoped her daughter will cultivate these good habits as she continues to develop.

"As a mother, I want my daughter to grow into a well-educated and warm-hearted person. I hope she continues to show these little acts of kindness every day," she said.

The woman also said that she and her husband regularly take part in public benefit activities. Recently, Rara's parents took her to visit some children left behind by parents. And the little girl, and her parents, thought they would cheer up those kids by presenting them with some gifts.

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