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Driver Eats Grass to Avoid Alcohol Test

A man in Yiwu, in east China's Zhejiang Province, ate grass to avoid an alcohol breath test on April 17.


The incident happened when local traffic police were conducting a road check for drunk driving about 11pm. A black Mercedes suddenly stopped 80 meters from the roadblock. The driver got out of the car and ran to climb the small hillside at the roadside but slipped down quickly.

Police rushed to him and detected a strong smell of alcohol. They asked him to take a breath test, but the man kept saying he hadn't had a drink and hadn't been driving. 

He refused to admit he was the driver of the Mercedes even when policemen showed him footage from monitoring cameras. Realizing that he’s unable to flee, he tried to buy time by eating grass.


The officers say they tried to stop him, but he refused.

When more policemen arrived 30 minutes later, he was forcibly taken to the hospital for a blood test, which showed he was drunk, police said.

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