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Driver Tries to Lift Car into Parking Spot after Failed Attempts to Park

This may be the most hilarious parking attempt you've ever seen.

A woman in Jimo City, Shandong Province, who failed to get her car into a parking space in several attempts, unexpectedly tried to lift it into position on April 6.

In the footage circulating online, the driver of the red car can be seen failing to maneuver her car into the tight parking spot between two white cars.

Although the passenger got out of the car to guide the driver into place, their attempts still failed.

Then the driver also got out and decided to lift the car into position. The two women walked to the back of the car and struggled to move it.

Afterwards, a security guard showed up and tried to help them.

However, even with all their physical strength, the car didn't budge.

Then, a man turned up and helped them drive the car into the space. Actually, he's the driver of one of the cars parked next to them.

After watching the funny video, some netizens said the man who "rescued" them could solve the problem easier by driving his badly parked car away. Others advised the woman driver she’s not fit to drive. Some netizens were puzzled why the security guard helped to lift the car rather than drive it into the slot.


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