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Kid Survives Almost Drowning: 72 Seconds in Pool

A video showing a kid struggling 72 seconds almost drowning in a swimming pool has sparked fury on Chinese social media.

The incident happened on May 16 in a pool in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province.

In the video, the child was left alone swimming with a life ring after a female staffer left.

Soon, the kid lost balance and went head-down.

The child struggled in the water for 72 seconds but no staff showed up to help.

But some people saw, and rushed to help. 

The child survived, but people posted they thought the parents and staff were delinquent.

"Terrible parents and derelict staff,” said one. “Although I'm not the mother of the kid, the video still wrung my heart. Such a store should be closed." 

Another said: "Thank goodness the kid survived, or the parents would regret this for the rest of their lives."

Another said: "Whenever parents take children out, they should keep them within their sight. I hope the incident can become a warning to everyone."

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