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Taxi driver kills 1 jogger and injures two more

A reckless taxi driver ploughed her vehicle into a group of joggers, killing one and seriously injuring two others in an astonishing display of carelessness.

The driver, in Linyi, of east China’s Shandong Province, says she lost control of her car when crashing into a group of 30 people out running in a vehicle lane at around 5:20am on July 8. But surveillance footage reveals that the taxi driver, surnamed, Dong, made no attempt to avoid the joggers by changing lanes and just drove straight into the back of the group, mowing them down.

The keep-fit group, who had been out running for 22 minutes, before the incident, were only 30 meters from their finishing point.

Members made it known that the road was semi closed for construction at that time and added there were few cars on the road when they went out. That’s why they chose to jog on the main road.

The exercising group, which is made up of middle-aged and old people, all dressed in the same T-shirts, have already made a name for themselves among the community.

On several occasions the joggers have taken to exercising in vehicle lanes, which go against the city’s traffic flow. They also take a music speaker out with them and shout slogans while they go out exercising.

Netizens have taken to social media several times stating that their exercising practices are illegal, disturbing and dangerous.

The police have detained the driver for the traffic offense. They also stated that the joggers and driver had both violated traffic laws. The case is under further investigation.

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