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Three Men Push Car into Middle of Road, Blocking Traffic

Three men in Wuhan, Hubei Province, pushed a parked car blocking their shop out of its space and left it in the middle of a road, blocking traffic for more than an hour on March 12, Chutian Metropolis Daily reported.

Traffic police arrived at Shahuyuan Road at 2:39pm after receiving a report that a car was blocking the road.

The car was moved by a trailer 10 minutes later, allowing traffic to flow again.

Police contacted the car owner who said he had parked it on the pavement for one week but not on the road.

Police checked the surveillance video, which showed the car was pushed into the road by three men coming out from a tea shop in front of the car.

Police found them at the shop on March 14. They admitted they had moved the car:

"The car was blocking the shop for a long time so we pushed it away," one of them told police.

Police said all three would be punished with a five-day detention for disrupting public order.

The media report said the car owner pulled the handbrake, but left the car in neutral, which explained why it could be pushed.

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