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Builder hailed for leaving dirty boots at bank door to walk barefoot

A building contractor’s attention to personal and public hygiene has been praised on social media.

The man, surnamed Zhao, a contractor at a local construction site, went to his local bank to withdraw money so he could pay the salaries of his employees on June 27. But he was faced with a dilemma when he turned up at the bank, in Tengchong, Yunnan Province.

Zhao found the bank hall was clean and tidy, while the wellington boots he was wearing were caked in mud. He could have just trudged across the sparkling floor in his muddy boots and left it for cleaners to mop up after him. But the thoughtful builder chose to leave his footwear, and safety helmet, at the door before walking barefoot across the foyer to withdraw cash from the ATM machine.

The touching moment was captured on film by another bank customer who shared the pictures on WeChat. Zhao's civilized behavior was also captured by the bank surveillance camera, which was highly praised by Chinese netizens.

Zhao said whenever he returned home from work, the first thing he did was to wash his work tools, as well as his clothes and shoes. He also educated his young child to pay attention to personal hygiene and protect the public environment.

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