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Delivery Men Help Mother And Child From Falling Down An Escalator

Two food delivery men in Hong'an County, Hubei Province, have become the latest Internet sensation after they rushed to help a mother who tumbled down an escalator along with her baby in a pram on March 7.

The pram, which was being pushed up the escalator by the woman, overturned. The woman tried to save the baby in the pram but lost her balance and rolled down the stairs.

The two delivery men dropped the food in their hands and raced to help the woman.

Wu Changhai, 41, rushed to pick up the baby while Liu Liang, 29, ran to shut the escalator.

Other passers-by also rushed in and helped the woman to get up.

Media reports said both the mother and the baby were unharmed.

Wu was forced to get a new meal for his customer. "Sixteen yuan is nothing compared to a child's life," Wu said.

After watching the video, Chinese netizens praised the delivery men for their quick thinking. One netizen commented, “Life is full of positive energy."

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