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Firefighter Becomes an Online Celeb for His Stunning Performance at Sports Games

A firefighter in Shanghai’s Qingpu District has become an Internet hit as his incredible performance in 200-meter run at the brigade’s spring sports games on April 7 stunned a lots of netizens. 

A video posted by Shanghai Fire Fighting Bureau on its official Weibo account shows four men competing in a 200-meter run while carrying water hoses on both hands. The runner on the second track fell off at the starting point while the other three already ran more than 10 meters away. 

However, he overtook the other contestants during the last 50 meters with a remarkable sprinting speed. He finally became the first to cross the finish line. 

Yan Mengdi, the champion firefighter, joined the Qingpu branch of Shanghai Public Security Fire Department in 2015.

Shanghai Fire Fighting Bureau said in its official Weibo account, "What he (Yan Mengdi) carried was not just 12 kilograms of water hoses, but heavy responsibilities."

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