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Foreigners Help Man in Coma on Street

The heart-warming story happened in Beijing on the Valentine's Day.

A man was found lying on the street near the Shilihe Bridge on the morning of February 14, Beijing Morning Post reported.

Four foreigners passing by got off from their car to check him out. They found the man unconscious and that there’s blood over his body. They covered him with a blanket to keep him warm and then called police.

Police rushed to the scene and called the emergency rescue center.

When the medical staff arrived, the man was in a coma. He was immediately sent to hospital to get medical treatment.

According to the report, there were six people in the car, who all work for Beijing Benz Automotive Co Ltd. Four of them got off to help the man while the other two captured the whole process with their mobile phones.
Photos of the incident were posted online by their colleagues and soon went viral. Many netizens applauded the foreigners for their kind-heartedness.

The four Samaritans, however, are very low-key and reluctant to reveal their names.

One of them said, “My colleagues and me did only what a human being should do for another human being."

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