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Junk Man Returns 176,500 yuan to Careless Owner, Gets 1,000 yuan Reward

A man who accidentally tossed 176,500 yuan (US$25,500) into a trash bin as he threw out the trash in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, received his money back from the honest garbage collector who picked it up.

The man, surnamed Wang, was going to transfer the money to his friend that morning. Before he left home, he put all the money into a blue bag and carried a bag of rubbish with him as well.

But he accidentally threw the cash into the bin along with the garbage. However, he didn't realize his mistake until he arrived at the bank.

The flurried man immediately asked his family to search for the money through garbage bins in his community, but they found nothing. So he called police.
After checking surveillance cameras, police saw the cash bag had been picked up by an old man. They finally found him two hours later.

The man told police he is a junk man. He discovered a cloth bag when he went through garbage bins in the morning. After he opened the bag, he was surprised to see so much money in it. As he couldn’t make sure whether the banknotes were genuine or not, he became nervous and also called his family to come.

The old man returned all the money to its owner, who gave him a reward of 1,000 yuan.

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