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Man Sends Food Delivery Message in English, Dreams to Be Interpreter

A screenshot of a food delivery message in English went viral on Chinese social media on March 14. The short message which said "Hello,your phone was power off ..." was sent by a courier after he failed to contact his customer, a student at the Sichuan International Studies University (SISU) in Chongqing.

The student was surprised to see an English message and posted it on Weibo.

The courier, Mao Zhaomu, is just 18. He started working at a restaurant in SISU and delivering takeout food on campus at the beginning of this month.

Mao explained that he messaged his customer in English as a way to practice the language because he thought all SISU students would know English.

Mao became interested in English in middle school. Inspired by his English teacher who entered the university by taking the self-taught examination, Mao dropped out of high school last year and targeted to enter SISU the same way.

He was always thinking about studying English. Last September, he took a part-time job at a bar so as to chat with foreigners there. During his spare time, he would chat in English online groups where he also made friend with an American netizen.

The netizen, called "Faith", taught Mao English while Mao taught him Chinese.

Now, Mao is preparing for the university entrance examination, which will be held in the second half of this year.

He hopes to pursue the Master's degree in Beijing and become a simultaneous interpreter in the future.

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