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'Milk of human kindness' from drivers saves a life

A surveillance video showing cars and taxis in a congested tunnel in Yichang, Hubei Province, giving way to an ambulance on Monday night has become a hit on social media.

The ambulance was trapped in the traffic jam shortly after entering the Dongshan Tunnel at 7:46pm. But when hearing the siren, many cars and taxis ahead slowed and moved to the sides to make way.

The ambulance, carrying a patient in need of emergency surgery, soon passed through the tunnel by the “life channel” created by the car drivers.

The ambulance driver said that if the car drivers hadn’t given way, he couldn’t imagine how long it would have taken him to make it through.

“I usually see such kind behavior on TV. But when it happened in front of my eyes, I was greatly touched,” he said.

Chinese netizens also expressed their admiration for the drivers.

One said: “The city is full of the milk of human kindness and positive energy.” Another even recalled: “Three years ago, a similar situation also happened in the same tunnel. Be proud of our city!”

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