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Railway Station Does Away With Inconvenient Service Window

A service window at Zhuzhou Railway Station in central China’s Hunan Province has changed its design after coming in for criticism. 

The gated railway police window was to help passengers get temporary ID certificates. 

However, passengers complained that the window was too low and small, and the chairs were placed at the side of the window, which served no purpose either standing or sitting. People had to squat or kneel to get their job done. 

It seemed like the real-life version from the hit anti-corruption drama "In the Name of the People." In the TV series, the service hall of the Letters and Calls Bureau of Guangming District was in spotlight for its ill-designed service counters. 

Hunan Province's public security bureau issued a statement on its official Weibo account on April 18, saying the railway police station had removed the gate and was offering services right inside their office. 


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