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Soldiers Fight Tibet Weather

A series of photos showing Chinese border soldiers in the Tibet Autonomous Region battling extreme weather have gone viral on social media.

In the photos, soldiers whose masks and hats had iced over, could be seen having difficulty in taking even a step in thick snow.

At 4,655 meters above sea level, communications at their sentry post in Yadong County, was suddenly cut on March 12.

After repairing the outage, four soldiers set out for the 10 kilometer trek back to their sentry post, but were blocked by a blizzard.

After sheltering, and in a hurry to return, they set out as soon as the snowfall lightened.

The cold winds mixed with ice and lashed their faces, making it hard to keep their eyes open. But they gritted their teeth and helped each other the whole way.

The photos were captured by one of these soldiers. When the photos were released online, many netizens were deeply touched by them and impressed with the tough environment at the border. One netizen said," Salute to the soldiers! They are the most lovable people."

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