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Teenager Stuns the Web World with Outstanding Guitar Skills

A 13-year-old boy from Baiyin City of northwest China’s Gansu Province becomes an instant hit online after a video of him showing his stunning guitar skills spread widely.

In the video shot by his teacher, Liu Jiazhuo plays guitar with remarkable finger techniques, leaving the Internet in awe.

Well-known composer and folk musician Gao Xiaosong gave Liu a thumb-up and joked on his Weibo account that he “would smash his guitar and only play the harmonica next life.”

China’s famous music producer Li Yanliang said Liu already mastered the complicated polyrhythm techniques for which only Native American musician and people with superior music sense are known.

Liu learned to play electronic keyboard when he was 4 years old. His uncle, a guitarist, spotted his guitar talent and taught him playing the instrument when Liu turned 7.

Liu improved his skills by watching videos online. He attained his current guitar after winning a competition last year.

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