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Village Doctor a Star After Burning Credit Notes Worth 500,000 Yuan

A doctor from Xinxiang City in central China’s Henan Province has burnt all the credit notes written by poor patients who failed to pay his fees since he arrived as village doctor in 1969, on March 7.

The credit notes he burnt were worth 500,100 yuan (US$72,554).

The doctor, Yang Quanhong, in his 70s, sparked an Internet debate after his behavior was reported by media. Some appreciated his kindness. Others questioned the amount of the credit.

Yang said he would not see patients any more from March 14, saying he was old, tired and needed rest, reported.

Yang suffered septicemia when he was 18. He was granted a medical relief payout of about 4,000 yuan at that time. He then decided to be a doctor and help save medical costs for villagers.

Some patients have come back to pay their debts to Yang in recent years. Some family members of patients who were not able to cover the fees have also helped at Yang’s clinic as a make-up.

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